.. We are specialized in :

    1- Aluminum Foil Multi Layers Material
      2- Induction heat sealing
      3- Plastic Containers - Plastic bottles & jars
      4- Tubing & Sleeves PVC Shrink for Neck and caps bottles

1- Aluminum Foil Multi layers Material:

M2Pack philosophy is to implement a world wide open market strategy of efficient ,   reliable,     consistent   service and quality by meeting the expectati on of our customers.

M2Pack  manufacturing all kinds of suitable flexible packaging for all industries.

  In the pharmaceutical packaging ,   food dairy products ,    frozen foods,  snacks ,   biscuits ,  
  confectionery ,   detergents and bottle labels etc.

So we contributes toward protecting and enhancing the customers and products by creating a desire in
  the customers.

  Our stat of the art technology combined with committed and dedicated work provides our customers high   quality packaging ,   enabling them to have an edge over their competitors product.


2-Induction heat sealing caps:

Traditional sealingTwo-piece liners consisting of aluminum or paper sealing membrane and a cardboard base for resealing.  This type of seal is designed to be attached to glass or plastic container (  plastic bottles  ) rims by the use of adhesive.
Features:   tamper evident ,   resealing for secondary using

Induction heat sealing One- or two-piece liners applied for non-adhesive sealing to plastic container _plastic bottles rims by the use of an induction heating process.
Features : tamper evident, leakproof, high mechanical resistance, good barrier characteristics ,   resealing for secondary using
Application:    foodstuffs ,   cosmetics ,   pharmaceuticals ,   chemicals packing

PE foam

  • Expanded un faced polyethylene  
    Density : 200  to 500  kg/m3
  • Thicknesses: 1 to 4mm
  • One-sided coatings on request: PVC , PVDC , Aluminum , PET , paper , PTFE
  • Double-faced expanded polyethylene
  • Density:  200 to 500kg/m3
  • Thickness: 0,6 to 4mm,
  • Standard facing:  LDPE ,   HDPE ,   PP ,  PVC  PET

Features:  Flexibility ,  good compatibility with products ,chemical resistance
Application:  foodstuffs ,   cosmetics ,   pharmaceuticals, chemicals packing

3- Plastic containers - Plastic bottels & jars:

M2Packis one of  Egypt  leading manufacturers of plastic containers 
  plastic bottles  and caps from 30cc. To 1 liter.

Produces a wide range of plastic containers  jars and plastic bottles in various designs and shapes,  via injection extrusion processes of poly ethylene,   P E H D or P E L D, 
P.V.C,   P. P , P E T,   P E T G ,

Advanced  technological  methods,    strict  quality control and highly professional know-how,   assure continuous product superiority at competitive prices and  guaranteed delivery dates.

Custom-made  molds  are  designed,   brand  and  company  names  silk-screen printed  to  customer's  specific  requirements.

Approved by  European Standards  institutes,   the quality   plastic containers
(  plastic bottles  )  serve  the  food   ,   cosmetics   ,   pharmaceutical    ,   agricultural  
and chemical  industries in Egypt and  the world.

4- Tubing & Sleeves PVC Shrink for Neck and caps bottles:

M2Pack Product Film & Seam Tubing

PVC Tamper Evidence Tubing
In reel form,  pre-cut or in cut pieces,  tamper evidence by shrink tubing gives you the  security you package needs to meet the requirements of today's informed consumer . By using a combination of base colour and contracting printed design, you are able to combine security with eye-catching aesthetics to make your package stand out from the rest.

    50 to 100 micron   _Lay- flat 17 to 300mm _ Printing  Up to 2 Colour   
PVC Seam Tubing
Seam tubing by PVC with perforation or non-perforation offer economic packing for various kinds of packaging,   such as cosmetics,   beverages ,   food products ,   pharmaceuticals ,toys ,   all kinds of plastic ,   glass & metal containers and household appliances ,   etc
Specifications      40 ,  50 ,  70 ,   80  micron   Lay-flat 17 to300mm  
Printing   Up to 8 Colour  Roll Length  500 ~1000m or cut pieces
PVC Shrink Film & Label : The PVC heat shrinkable film is one of the revolutionary products , because it is so adaptable . It is suitable for various  kinds of packaging , such as cosmetics , beverages , food products ,  pharmaceuticals ,  toys all kinds of pharmaceuticals , toys  all kinds of plastic , glass &metal containers , household appliances and more.
Specification    40 , 50 ,  60 ,   70 ,   80 micron   _ Lay-flat  17 ~300mm  
Printing  Up to 8 Colour  Roll Length 500 ~ 1000m